Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting There

          I don't claim to know a lot about this situation we're in called, "Life".  I'm figuring it out as I go along just like everybody else.  I'm 25, more than halfway to 26.  I've been working, even making a living (I have a bank account and a place to live to prove it).  But, like a lot of people I've met I wish I was doing more with this "Life".
          It's easy to see the patterns we all fall into if we take a step back from time to time.  However, it's a much more difficult task to stray away from the paths we make.  After a few years heading in the same direction I started to wonder where I was actually going and if the path I was on would take me there– or if it was taking me anywhere at all.
          Comparing your life to another person's is not the most reliable way to figure out your own direction to head in but, sometimes it's the only way to gain a new perspective of where you are.  There've been times when I've felt like other people were moving to a vastly different rhythm than me and nothing I did outside of my job gave me the sense of freedom I saw in others' lives.  Although this may have been an illusion, a classic case of the grass being greener but, this urged me to step off my path and make an attempt at breaking the pattern.
          With all the different perspectives we can have in the world any idea or personal pursuit can seem crazy.  As long as we're not doing harm to anyone or ourselves in our own journeys, why shouldn't we go for what feels right?  With the right state of mind anything is possible– at least I'm crazy enough to believe that.
          So why not walk from Massachusetts to California?  It seems to me we're all just killing time in our own creative ways, looking for the adventure of a lifetime.  When I tell people this idea of mine, I can tell they are seeing it as one long walk from start to finish.  However this endeavor is not unlike any other long-term goal or project.  Anything we set out to accomplish is done one step at a time, there are no exceptions.  We can certainly use some foresight to overcome the inevitable obstacles we will face but, at the same time we cannot cross a bridge before we get to it.  As far as long-term life adventures go, is it much more outrageous to uproot your life, pack the bare necessities on your back and head out West than it is to plant yourself in one spot in order to grow and nurture a family for the rest of this life?  I guess you see where I stand.

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  1. Dan!

    I have found your blog!! We went to pick out the Christmas tree and I learned you are in Huntington Beach, CA! Yay!! So happy to learn about your travels out West and I am looking forward to reading about this journey. So excited for you!! We missed having your magical input in selecting the tree but my heart is happy that you have embraced your adventure. Warmest Regards, Trish