Monday, January 25, 2016


          Sometimes it seems like things happen at the exact moment they should, like the events in our lives are actually carefully orchestrated instead of randomly occurring.  A close friend recently introduced me to the idea of EWOP, "Everything is Working Out Perfectly".  This friend of mine was travelling around on the other side of the world, going wherever the wind took him when he met a guy who was trying to spread the good word of EWOP.
          The idea behind this perspective is quite simple: the way everything has happened is perfect and the way everything is happening is perfect.  However, if something strikes you as imperfect you should feel compelled to change it.  Otherwise, if there is nothing you can do for the situation, accept it as perfection.  But, especially do not sit and complain about it because negative words only create negative energy which does nothing but spread negativity.
          "Everything is Working Out Perfectly" is just another way of saying "everything happens for a reason".  While the reason may not be immediately apparent there is always time to see things from another perspective to understand what life has thrown at you.  The way life unfolds doesn't always happen the way we hoped it would but, nothing in life is guaranteed, a fact that we should try to be more mindful of.  When we take a step back from the situation we might even see how a detour on the path we're on actually leads to the same destination even if the detour seems to be long and winding in the opposite direction.

          In this life there are no isolated incidences.  Each moment is shaped by the previous moment and will define the shape of the next one.  We should do our best to be in each moment to the fullest to find insight for how to proceed to the next.  If we are caught up in the past or are focused on the moment too far ahead we will miss whatever is happening in front of us right now.
          I've been doing my best to acknowledge at all times that everything is working out perfectly.  Trusting in this allows me to rest in the now and not worry about how things could be different or what will happen if this doesn't take place at the "right" time.  Anything that defies our expectations is just a detour on the road of life, the road which brings us to no destination, just a new beginning.  In this realization we see it's all about the journey, there is no end to hurry towards.  With this vision, we can see everything happens at the right time.

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