Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 83 - 8/29/16 Missoula, MT to Powell Campground, ID

I met a lot of people in Missoula; a lot of people that are heading in the same direction as me: West.  We all stayed at the same house in town and I was excited to have some company for the next couple days.  After starting the day with coffee and bagels with Hannah, I met Wally and Matt at the Adventure Cycling Association building, the company that publishes the magazine about bike touring, the reason why so many people go out and ride across the country; these people have been mapping it out for 40 years now.  Can I have a job, please?  

Matt, Wally and myself didn't hit the road til 12:00pm; Marion and his son, David left Missoula around 9:00am, another couple of East to West riders on the TransAm route.  The ride was nothing to write home about, flat, windy mountain roads, typical beautiful Montana, a little on the hot side.  We made it to Lolo Pass by 5:00pm, the leak of the "climb" (we really only went uphill for the last few miles).  

At the top, we crossed into Idaho as well as Pacific Time, a beautiful moment for us all.  From this point on, the next 70 miles or so were downhill so we didn't hesitate too long to roll down the other side of the pass 10 miles to the campground, enjoyinng the sites of a brand new state to all our eyes.

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