Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 88 - 9/3/16 Walla Walla to Paterson, WA

We briefly rode into Oregon today along the Columbia River but, we crossed back into Washington and will ride along the river on this side.  We made it about 80 miles today, the last 15 or so taking place at sunset and into the dark.  I've never ridden that late before but it was very peaceful with no wind and no cars and cool air compared to the hot heat that beats down on you in the gorge.  

Billy's been having a lot of tube and tire issues since we started riding together, I hope I'm not some sort of jinx for him.  We're about 3 days from Portland, it looks like we'll be there sometime on Tuesday.  

Til then, we'll be riding along this beautiful river that looks like nothing I've ever seen before.  Every so often I feel like I can smell the ocean and I wonder if it's real or all in my head just because I'm so close now.

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