Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 56 - 8/2/16 Burke to Witten, SD

I'm so excited to get to the Badlands.  Most people I meet tell me I'm going to love it.  I already know I am.  I'm just looking forward to seeing some other terrain besides big, open spaces.  I want some hills and mountains to break up the monotony of seeing the same thing for 50 miles.  

I'm sure I'll be regretting this wish in a couple weeks but, big hills are inevitable on this trip, especially in the Western half of the country.  I'm also excited for the Badlands because I know seeing some dramatic, beautiful nature is going to get my blood pumping.  There's not much excitement in these big green fields after a couple weeks of riding through them.  Change is good and it is just on the horizon.  

I really love ending each day in a new little town.  There aren't many streets in Witten and it doesn't look like any of them are paved.  I wonder if there are any kids in this town.  There's a slide and a swingset at the park and that's all there is.  I heard these towns have a downside to them too, even beyond the fact that there's not many forms of entertainment.  I met a cool dude named Casey last night before I went to bed.  

He loves living in Burke, hanging out with his dogs and girlfriend in his yard, gardening and just enjoying the sound of his sprinkler watering his vegetables.  But, they both said people in small towns know everything about you, both good and bad.  

Seems like there's the potential for some high tension and drama that you canmg escape just by going home.  I still think there's a lot of rewards for living so simply, I'd definitely like to try spending more than a night in one of these little towns.

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