Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 78 - 8/24/16 Whitehall to Deer Lodge, MT

It's somewhat incredible that there can be a discrepancy between what the mind wants and what the body can do.  I suppose with time and dedication anything is possible short of flying.  I recently had this surge of inspiration and excitement to bite off some long rides to make it to the end in the quickest fashion possible.  Well shit, the bite today was 20 miles too big and my mouth was already full and my jaw was tired.  It's been about 3 weeks since my last day off and my shortest ride in that time was 40 something miles.  My left knee has just been getting stiff and unwilling to meet the demands of my inspired mind.  What can you do?  Luckily, I was in an area where Uber was a resource because the hour I spent holding out my thumb yielded no ride.  I took an Uber from Anaconda to Deer Lodge and decided beforehand tomorrow will be a day off.  So I found a hotel, got 2 nights, got some chinese food, 2 tall beers and started to rest, hoping a day off us all the doctor would prescribe.

(Illustration courtesy of Bob Horan)

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