Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 63 - 8/9/16 Rapid City to Custer, SD

With less sleep than I had hoped for, I was not so excited to ride to Custer which, I was told, would be a pretty hilly ride.  It didn't take long foe the streetlights to turn into the tall trees that make up Black Hills National Forest.  Sure, the hills were in no short supply but, tobbe back in a forest was just incredible.  

I couldn't help but be reminded of areas in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  South Dakota is just full of surprises I guess.  The 40 mile ride almost wasn't long enough, I wouldn't have minded another 10 miles on the bike path from Hill City to Custer.  

Back to the small towns.  Although, with all the motorcycle traffic, Custer actually feels like a bustling little place.  Now in the early evening, most bikers have cleares the area and the rumbling of thunder has replaced the steady sound of motorcycle engines.  

Afternoon thunderstorms seem to be a characteristic of the Midwest.  I'm hoping it pours soon just to get it over with.  I can't camp at the park I'm currently sitting in so once it gets a little later I'll ride out of town and camp somewhere in the National Forest which is always a free campground.  

I'll be leaving South Dakota tomorrow which means I just have 3 more states to ride through before getting to the Oregon coast.

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