Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 25 - 7/2/16 Toledo to Delta, OH

Today was a particularly short ride even with a 6 mile round trip from Sarah and Howard's place to the Toledo Farmers Market.  I met a guy named Drew when I first got to Toledo.  He saw my bike outside the coffee shop I was in and he offered me a place to spend the night immediately.  After telling him about my warm showers hosts in Toledo, he told me about his delivery/catering service he executes on his bike.  

I was finishing up one of the Holey Toledough donuts I got at the coffee shop where his wife works when he told me his friend is the one that makes them.  Drew told me I ought to go to the farmers market the next morning to meet Chris, the chef behind Holey Toledough donuts.  More donuts?  Of course I planned on going.  Chris was very interested in my bike journey and gave me a t-shirt right away to wear on the road.  Yesterday I only had a glazed donut from his kitchen but today, I got a beautiful boysenberry and cream for the road.  Even after this 6 mile detour, I still rode less than 35 miles to Delta today.  

I'm staying with Gail and his son, Gail.  I met older Gail in Geneva, my first night in Ohio where we stayed at adjacent campgrounds.  He didn't hesitate to invite me to stay with him when I got a little further West.  Sure enough, I'm here now.  Not only do I get to stay with Gail, I also got to meet his parents and one of his sisters while we celebrated his niece's birthday. 

They were all a wild bunch that asked me lots of questions about my trip but also traveled down memory lane so I got to hear all the funny and embarrassing stories of Gail and his sister, Trudy when they were younger.  Gail's parents live just a few miles from his house and on the short ride home the 2 Gails and myself stares in awe of the evening sky streaked with pink, purple and gold.  

We had a nice bon fire in his backyard and listened to all the fireworks his neighbors lit off for the next couple hours.

 Even though it wasn't my family and friends, it was nice to be part of someone else's celebration for the holiday weekend.

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