Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 54 - 7/31/16 Wagner to Pickstown, SD

Hard to believe tomorrow is August 1st.  I actually saw Fall decoration items in Family Dollar this morning while I was getting some extra water bottles.  It's been just under 2 months since I've left home and I've traveled a little over 2,000 miles in that time.  I keep wondering what it will be like when I settle again, whenever that will be.  It will be nice to have some cotton clothes and put more veggies in my diet.  I wasn't eating much cheese or eggs before I left home but, there's not much to eat in a lot of these small towns that fit in with the vegan lifestyle.  Beyond that, I've just been eating a lot of junk; mostly because that's what's available at gas stations and convenient stores and I'm also not trying to eat out at restaurants for every single meal.  Yes, travelling is giving me some strong appreciation for being able to cook and eat right but, I'm also very thankful for learning how to live comfortably with what I can carry on my back and on my bike.

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