Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 50 - 7/27/16 Clear Lake to Spencer, IA

100 miles in a day, I never thought I'd be interested in trying somethinf like that but, here I am, 100 miles from where I woke up today.  It was a perfect day for it: overcast and cool til around 2:00pm, then the last 25 miles were a bit hot and sweaty but, it's all part of the fun and challenge of this trip.  

When I finally got to Spencer, I met up with another Dan at his house.  Him and his wife are Warm Showers hosts but Susanne was out of town so it was just us two Dans.  We drove up to Okoboji, Iowa, another town with a couple lakes as the centerpiece for all the bustling restaurants and shops that accomodate the summer tourists.  

I feel pretty lucky to have visited Clear Lake and Okoboji, otherwise my perception of Iowa might've been one big corn field.

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