Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 42 - 7/19/16 Chicago to Marengo, IL

It's my first day back on my bike in almost 5 days, it feels good to spend the day with Ginger again.  We rode just under 70 miles which was a nice way to jump right back into it!  I spent last night with Neil and Rett and their dog, Pip again.  They're just too good for letting me store my bike at their place for the weekend and then letting me crash for another night since I was too dead from spending all weekend having too much fun with my friends.  

I feel beyond ready to tackle the rest of this cross-country ride.  I want to have some long days on the road while it's still flat farmland.  Neil helped me plan out my route a little bit last night.  Nothing too specific because plans change quite often but, he gave me a rough idea of the routes I should stick to and what towns might be beneficial or completely barren along the way.  

The next 1/3rd of the country is going to be much more sparse than what I've seen which should motivate me to move quickly to get to the good stuff further West.  Although it will be much more scenic, it will only be that way because of the inevitable mountains...  I know I'll be ready for them when I get there, until then, all I can do is enjoy the ride.

(photos of me courtesy of Neil Gregie)

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