Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 30 - 7/7/16 South Bend to Michigan City, IN

I liked riding through the city of South Bend on the way to Bob and Patty's place.  I liked the coffee place I stopped in – a take on a cafe you'd find in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  I've never been there before so I can't comment on how accurate this coffee shop was to what you'd find in NOLA.  There's something about South Bend that I like but I'm not sure what.  Maybe because it's small.  Maybe I just really like small cities that don't have an overwhelming amount of places to go and spend money.  On the West side of South Bend, Bob and Patty live right next to a small lake.  The 2 of them are pretty laid back.  We just chatted in the garage while Bob was figuring out some adjustments on his new bike and then ended up doing some work on mine: lubing my pedals, adjusting my brakes and my wheels.  Both Bob and Patty rode with me to Michigan City today.  We woke up real early, about 5:30am, so we could eat some breakfast and start riding before it got too hot and humid and so they could make it back home before the rain hit.  It's nice when someone else is leading the way.  I just had to ride, not think about anything else.  We rode through some very quiet country roads while the sky threatened us with some heavy weather.  It never rained on the way here but I don't know if they got caught in anything on the way back.

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