Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 45 - 7/22/16 Galena, IL to Dubuque, IA

Another state has passed beneath my feet as I roll West on Ginger's saddle.  The states on this side of the country are a bit wider so I certainky won't be breezing through any of them, especially since the wind is typically coming at me, slowing my roll.  Today was a short ride, just what I needed after 8 hours of roasting in the sun yesterday.  I was aiming for Dubuque but wasn't sure where I would stay until late last night.  

A friend of mine, Cierra found me a place to stay through Airbnb.  This is also the girl that surprised her homesick boyfriend, Adrian, one of my best buds, with a weeks vacations back home with all his friends this past winter.  Girl's got tricks up her sleeve, and when I say tricks I mean incredibly selfless acts of kindness.  

I better get out to California soon to make it up to her before she does anything else for me!  Dubuque is a cool little town.  Maybe it's considered a city, sorry if I offens any DBQ natives.  I heard it was quite the happening place back when Chicago was still being built up.  Just another example of how being located along a major water source sets up a place for success.

 I wish I had wandered back down by the river to see the day turn into night but, the room I eqs spending the night in was just too damn cozy with a massive cloud-like bed that basically commanded me to lay down and close my eyes.

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