Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 26 - 7/3/16 Delta, OH to Angola, IN

I don't think I passed a single business for the bulk of my 65 mile ride today.  It was all farms, houses, big chunks of road, 10-14 mile stretches at a time which made it easy to put on some music and get in the zone.  

The roads I was on were so rural I didn't even see a "Welcome to Indiana" sign.  Angola was the first hint of a town I saw all day.  It seems like your quintessential small town.  I'm sitting in the Village Kitchen on the 4th of July getting a fat plate of food for $4 while the locals seem to be continuing conversations they started here yesterday.  

Chairs and blankets are already lined up along the street at 8:00am for the parade at 11:00am.  Having a fire and eating s'mores with Lou Ann and her family while her grandkids caught fireflies in a jar might've been the most American I've felt, whatever that means.  

I've said it so many times but, nights like these, meeting families, becoming a temporary member has been the highlight of this trip.  

Sure, every family has been different but that's what makes this all so special.

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