Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 11 - 6/18/16 Skaneateles to Macedon, NY

I'm so glad I listened to Hattie and Pete about riding to Macedon instead of Phelps today.  They had done the same ride about a week ago (mine was a little longer because I missed a turn early).  I rode 65 miles to get here and I still feel great.  It was an entirely flat ride but, 65 miles is 65 miles.  I have a good feeling I'll be cruising through the Mid West where I have many 55-75 mile rides planned out.  

Camp is set up at Mid Lakes Marina tonight, right along the Eerie Canal.  Hattie's friend works here and she let me set up my tent and use the showers.  It's such a reassuring feeling to know you're taken care of for the night; even if it's just getting the green light to set up a tent in the yard.  I don't need anything else but, I appreciate it with all my heart when anything extra is given to me.  I feel so in debt already and it hasn't even been two weeks yet.  In debt with all the hospitality being directed towards me.  Pete did say that people love cyclists and will go out of their way to help.  The debt I feel is a good debt.  I can't wait to pay it back and pay it forward some way in the future.

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