Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 6 - 6/13/16 Petersburg to Schenectady, NY

A real beautiful day out on the road but, the best part was getting to Schenectady.  I was planning on stealth-camping somewhere in one of the parks but, Matt A. put me in touch with his wonderful friend from college, Meghan.  Her and her boyfriend, Radhe, and their dog, Bruiser, and their neighbors Brian and Russ, made me feel right at home.  Meghan's neighborhood reminded me of Somerville being so clustered together with older homes and small gardens.  I'm so thankful Radhe had an unusual hunch to make a vegan meal and feel so lucky for Brian letting me borrow his panniers for my bike.

In these areas where farms are such a close source of fruits and veggies and meat and dairy and eggs, I've had great conversations about eating vs. not eating animal products.  I didn't eat anything from these farms but, from what I've been told, the concern for the animal's well-being (while it's alive...) is what gives way to a higher quality product.  Unfortunately, not all areas are like this.  Instead of animal products being treated as a sort of delicacy, they have become commodities– mass produced in an unhealthy way to meet the demand for them.  So it's a tough truth that not all parts of the world can have these sorts of products readily available at such a high quality, there's just not enough room in the world.  Anyway, back on the road to continue across the beautiful state of New York.

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