Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 14 - 6/21/16 Scottsville to Rapids, NY

And I'm back on the road.  It's incredible how much these days vary.  The last 2 nights, I stayed in a warm, loving home in a quiet neighborhood, and tonight I'm in a town that appears to have one gas station and one restaurant which both share the same building.  I'm up the street from there now at a small baseball field with a park.  I think I'll be okay here but, I'm going tobbe waiting a while to set up my tent.  Of course it has to be the longest day of the year today so I'll probably get settled around 9:30.  It's fine though, I'm warm and happy and there's even a port-o-pottie right here so I can change out of my sweaty bike clothes.  The landscape is changing for the better.  The last 3 days of riding have been primarily flat.  There's still lots of wide, open spaces dotted with farms but, that will go away tomorrow and for a few days after that. 

But those farms and fields will come back with a vengeance once I get to Ohio and beyond.  Until then, I'm looking forward to seeing Niagara Falls and one of the great lakes.  I'm even curious about Buffalo and other towns along Lake Erie.  Although it doesn't seem ideal to be riding into a city on this trip, I can't pass up seeing Niagara Falls.

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