Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 7 - 6/14/16 Schenectady to Sharon Springs, NY

Today was the longest ride yet: just under 53 miles.  It was also the flattest day.  I also spent a good amount of time talking on the phone.  I talked to Nick who just got home from Bonnaroo.  He said it was amazing and I can totally imagine it was.  I talked to my mom and dad and sent a video to Meg for Ava.  I need to send her something.  I want to send her a rock from every state I ride through.  But I think I also want to draw on the rock or write something but I don't know what.  Plus I also haven't seen anything good in New York as far as rocks go...  

I got a sunburn today when I took my shirt off to dry it out while I took a break and ate some food and made those phone calls. My tent is set up behind a dugout of a baseball field, I don't think anyone will bother me here.  There wasn't much of a view on the ride today.  It was just like most bike paths that are totally surrounded by greenery.  But at points there were some quick views of the Mohawk River and I did get to cross a bridge and there were some nice mountain views.  But once I got within 10 miles of Sharon Springs– off the bike path, the landscape changed to rolling hills of green grass dotted with farms.  Dutch Country, the Amish.

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