Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 5 - 6/12/16 Cummington, MA to Petersburg, NY

Feelin' like I'm in the groove!  Crossing into New York felt great.  I wonder when I'll be in Massachusetts again.  Today was good but also mentally draining for some reason.  The wind was severe, a constant head-wind.  In those rare moments when it let up for a second I felt like I was being sucked into a vacuum on the downhills.  The sky turned grey and and the air got cold.  As I rode on, the sky even started spitting.  It never broke into a full rain while I was riding but it was nerve-wracking since I didn't know where exactly I'd set up camp.  I'm very grateful there turned out to be a campground in the state park I was riding through.  

Not to mention with showers!  3 days in a row with showers, that's impressive.  The campground is beautiful and I'm the only one here.  It sits next to a small pond that's completely surround by trees.  Once I got my tent set up, the sky finally decided to rain a bit harder.  The weather bummed me out a little bit but it's important to be mindful of these suckier situations.  Just because the rain isn't what I want doesn't mean someone or something or someplace else might actually need it.  It's like going up and down hills.  I've decided to subject myself to the elements, being wet and cold is basically in the description.

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