Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 3 - 6/10/16 Templeton to Amherst, MA

A beautiful, flourishing oasis after having gone through small towns thay hardly have what you would call a 'center'.  It's good to be back here.  The last time that happened was with Vinny when he came back from Asia last July.  This town is just a special place, it only ever relaxes me.  The ride today was beautiful, so many big hills on the Daniel Shay Highway.  Winding up the hills, I couldn't wait to get to each turn to see if the top was in sight; most of the time it wasn't.  But once I got to the top, everything changed.  I knew the ride down would instantly cool me down.

It was like being on a ferris wheel that would bring me down underwater and then back up to the sun to simmer again.  As bad as it was going up those monsters, no feeling can compare with speeding down the other side.  I'm sure a lot of things in life are like that: a tough ride to the top but then it all pays off.  If only major accomplishments could be made in the short time it takes to go up a steep hill.

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