Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 22 - 6/29/16 Elyria to Oberlin, OH

I did not make it as far as I hoped today.  But today was a day that challenges the idea that coincidences are just coincidences and not something more meaningful.  I wantes to stop by the bike shop in Oberlin on my way to Bellevue but, oddly enough, Wednesdays are the only day they're closed.  I thought any small issue with my bike can wait til the next bike shop.  So I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee and catch up on writing before I set out for Bellevue.  In the coffee shop there was a flyer for the Oberin Bike Co-op that would be open later tonight.  

I didn't wait to wait around and fall behind a day but in my head I was reassured there would be a place to go if my bike decided not to cooperate.  So, fast forward 8 miles or so and I realize I have a stiff link in my chain.  I end up breaking it while trying to fix it and after I get my hands covered in grease, a girl rides past me on the bike path, slowly turns around and asks if everything is okay.  I show her my hands and my broken chain and she says, "oh, I can help you!  I work at the bike co-op."  I felt like I had been saved.  

Alizah helped me reconnect the chain and get it back on the bike but then she said she could give me a new chain if we ride back into town.  I couldnmt say no, I figured a new chain would really help me ride smoother.  So we cruised back to the co-op.  As promised, she helped me put a brand new chain on, gave me a PBR, then she left to go eat before having to come back to the co-op for work.  It was about 5:00pm when I decided to head for Bellevue.  I had plenty of time to get there before the sun went down.  

But after a few pushes on my pedals, the same issue seemed to be present.  I rode around the block to see if it would fix itself with no luck.  When Alizah went back to the co-op at 6 she found me still sitting there.  After brainstorming and scratching our heads while she helped a few other kids and students fix their bikes, I knew I was going to be here for the night.  I'm hoping the bike shop has some insight into the problem when I go there tomorrow.  

I'm so lucky to have met Alizah.  Not only did she get me back to town but she also offered to let me stay on her couch for the night.  It's amazing that she found me stranded on the bike path because I was traveling in the complete opposite direction she usually travels on her joy ride.  Chance and coincidence are funny things.

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