Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 1 - 6/8/16 Stoneham to Harvard, MA

It feels good to feel good at the end of the first day of travel.  Unlike when I tried to walk and my legs wanted to break off at the knees.  I rode my bike 38 miles to get where I am now: sitting next to some beautiful lake in Harvard.  I'm glad the rain only lasted a half hour or so.  Now it is an unbelievable evening– not too cool, a little windy, beautiful clouds turning purple as the sun has dipped below the treeline.

I've had a few visitors at my 'campsite': a mother and daughter scouting for the right town to live in; an Indian man and who I can guess were his parents; another man with a fishing rod; two women looking for a path that goes all the way around the lake (and did not find one); a small dog that came out of the woods who would not come any closer for me to read his tags; two teenage boys with their fishing rods and tackle box; and a teenage boy and girl who appear to be sitting and watching the sunset next to the boats at the dock. And here I am, waiting for night to come so I can set up my tent and go to sleep.  I hope no one comes by to bother me tonight. 

Why can't it be legal to sleep where you please as long as you leave no trace?  Maybe Massachusetts is the problem, maybe other places are laid back and care free and allow folks to spend the night outside next to a lake.  Maybe there isn't a problem and I just think this isn't ok.  I guess I'll have to see on this trip.  I'm already looking forward to day 2.

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