Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 19 - 6/26/16 Geneva to Chesterland, OH

I've encountered lots of great people in the short time I've spent in Ohio.  Gail, my campground neighbor who share his food and fire with me; a man shaving in the bathroom who told me to enjoy today because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow; the nice folks at the gas station I stopped in who wanted to hear all about my trip as well as the bike shop I went by; and of course, Mary Kay and her husband, Tom.  

I'm staying with them on their 100 acre fruit farm in their camper tonight and tomorrow.  I don't think I've ever been in one of these things.  It's really spacious for one but Mary Kay, Tom, and their 2 kids take this thing down to Florida in the winter.  I don't know how ideal that is for a teenage boy and girl– maybe they hate it, maybe they love it.  

I spent most of the evening picking edible weeds and flowers from the yard to help with dinner while Mary Kay collected and cleaned eggs from their 50 chickens and dozen ducks.

The farm has been in Tom's family for 140 years and Mary Kay is doubtful either one of the kids will want to take it over but, there's still plenty of time for them to fall in love with working on a farm.  The farm life is very intriguing to me at my age but, I'm sure if I grew up around it I'd probably want to get away from it too.  It was surprisingly nice to help around the yard and kitchen; I haven't done any real work in months.  

I picked thistle leaves for a green lemonade Mary Kay makes everyday and picked orange day lilies to dip in her homemade balsamic dressing. They had a sweet taste, almost like a carrot.  I was lucky to come on the day I did because it was their weekly potluck where a bunch of their friends came over with even more food and we all hung out by their pool and ate and swam.

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